Description of the painting Karl Bryullov At the Virgin Oak

Description of the painting Karl Bryullov At the Virgin Oak

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This is the feeling of each character in the picture, who came to pass under the oak arch, and the feeling of the person looking at this picture. The work of Bryullov presented here is one of the masterpieces of landscape painting. It is written in bright and cheerful colors, you can feel the plain heated by the sun, along which pilgrims get to the place of their worship and fulfillment of desires.

And that transition from the space heated by the sun to the blessed shadow is very clearly visible and at the same time elusive. The play of color makes you feel the cool stones, which paved the area in front of the oak. You can really feel the coolness that is in the air, under the shadow of the sprawling and lush crown of this oak giant.

The whole tree carries something fabulous in its own way, the powerful trunk of the tree is gracefully and impressively curved and twisted, the crown is so much like some kind of amazing magic mushroom, under whose hat you can hide from the sun and rain. The whole environment around this oak tree radiates the energy of fulfillment of desires. People in an endless stream go to this place of power to undergo a special ritual under the canopy of a tree, they are not stopped by the scorching sun, nor by a long road.

Shown tired figures of travelers. At the same time, the pilgrims already in the shade of the tree are full of vigor and energy. Particular attention is drawn to the old man sitting on one of the roots of the tree. His figure is so mysterious and mystical that it seems that something is the soul of the oak tree itself, which watches every traveler who comes and makes a final decision on the fulfillment of a desire, based on the purity of the thoughts of the visitor.

It is no accident that the old man sits on the protruding root of the oak, and his whole appearance speaks of thoughtful attention. He seems to be here and now, but at the same time, tilting his head, he looks very detached from the situation, like a person completely immersed in inner contemplation.

The artist doubled the fabulous beauty of the crown of the tree and strengthened it with an umbrella from the sun of one of the travelers. This detail strengthens the attention on the bewitching crown of the tree, which fulfills the innermost desires of those who have come. The beauty of the tree is bewitching and very natural - the full effect of presence is created.

The picture serves as a vivid example of the skill of Bryullov as an unsurpassed landscape painter. The light in the crown of the tree plays and sparkles, it feels like you see moving sun glare with a long look at the picture.

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