Description of the painting Karl Bryullov The dream of a grandmother and granddaughter

Description of the painting Karl Bryullov The dream of a grandmother and granddaughter

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The picture carries an incredible cheerful energy and is saturated with many meanings.

Bright colors delight the eye, create an atmosphere of lightness and goodness of the moment. The first thing the viewer draws attention to is the room, bathed in the morning rays of the sun, which seem to highlight the secret and innermost dreams of the heroines of this artistic image.

The sun shows the viewer a calm, peaceful, dreamy dream of a grandmother who is sleeping, practically not moving in her sleep, a blanket evenly covers our heroine. And also the sun showed the granddaughter’s powerful energy, which, spinning in a dream from her dynamic dreams, threw a blanket to the floor, and her whole dream pose suggests that she wants to shut herself off from the hostile reality surrounding her.

A humorous theme cheers up. The artist in the image of a naked woman hovering in transparent clothes shows the queen of sleep, with the heroines' dreams hanging in her clothes. A dream from her happy youth hovers over her grandmother, where she is young and flirts with the same young boy. A happy smile in a dream speaks of her bright feelings for this person.

The fact that it was she with a young man told us a portrait on the bedroom wall. Well, granddaughter's dreams are not so serene. She is tormented by the predawn nightmares with crosses and monsters on dragons. The bed is all crumpled, hands are trying to cover his face from impending danger, but his legs are ready to run away ...

And only a very attentive viewer will pay attention to the day clothes that our heroines left on a chair before going to bed. This is the exact opposite of dreams. The grandmother’s dress is black, you immediately understand that in reality her thoughts are not so light and cheerful, and the granddaughter, on the contrary, has a yellow and airy day dress, which also runs counter to her anxious and terrible dreams, which are filled with cemetery eerie landscapes and monsters galloping on dragons . The exact opposite of the external visible characteristics of the attitude and internal passions of each person.

This is how the artist showed the invisible plan of sleep, he seemed to penetrate the innermost thoughts and made them visible.

With his painting, the artist makes it clear that not everything that is visible is true, but rather that most often has a completely opposite meaning. He kind of encourages the viewer not to judge a person by clothing.


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