Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "Children"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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Year of creation - 1908, genre scene made by gouache.

The painting is in the State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin

The picture "Children" is full of children's figures - kids of different ages play, communicate, and go about their urgent children's affairs.

The picture is strikingly similar to the drawing of a childish clumsy hand. Solid green background - carpet of young grass. The canvas literally breathes summer warm air.

On the bright blanket of greenery - uneven, blurry figures, as if the painter’s brush trembled a little.

Closest to the viewer is the sandbox. She was occupied by girls, only one boy was interested in girls' Easter games. The red-red shade of the sand slide brighter accentuates the contrast of the color palette, harmoniously included in the overall background.

Throughout the green carpet in different poses with different objects, children are depicted: busy with games, watching their peers, preferring to play ball or roll a hoop alone.

Kids, girls and boys are not clearly drawn, facial features are not marked out, only tiny dots mark the eyes, but there is no color or expression of the eyes in the picture. The figures are asymmetrical, made in the style of Suprematism - a new direction in art, promoting the rejection of traditional painting, the creation of innovative paintings. The basic principle is the use of geometric shapes: circles, lines, squares, triangles, multi-colored and different-sized. Unusually shaped children's hats, costumes and dresses are depicted schematically, without detailed drawing. The color of children's outfits is selected in contrast to the general background - the artist chose red, white, blue. Paints are bright, saturated, juicy.

There is a lot of light and warmth in the picture - the artist treats his characters with obvious love and warmth

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