Description of Peter Rubens "Crucifixion"

Description of Peter Rubens

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Crucifixion of Jesus Christ - one of the most popular and favorite stories of artists of the Renaissance and Baroque. Peter Paul Rubens resorts to this story in 1606.

Most of all at work, the image of the body of Jesus Christ attracts attention. He was crucified on a high wooden cross. The man’s body was completely limp and sagged under weight. If the hands and feet were not nailed, he would have fallen long ago. But he continues to hang, and his body is not allowed to shoot. On the head of Jesus there is a metal wreath with teeth, on the hips there is a snow-white bandage. Above the head of the martyr is a small parchment. The man’s head hung on his chest, red blood flowing on his hands.

In addition to Jesus, two more men were crucified. But they are still alive and tormented by terrible pain. Their bodies wriggle on the crosses, they try to escape, run away, remove the wild pain that pierces the whole body. But the Roman legionaries carefully monitor them. The canvas depicts two riders on horseback. Another executor of the sentence set the ladder to one of the crosses and is trying to punish the obstinate crucified. In total, twelve people are depicted at work.

In the lower right corner we see several women who came to mourn Jesus. Among them, you can distinguish the figure of Our Lady and Mary Magdalena. The Mother of God is depicted in a long dark blue dress, a black shawl is thrown over her shoulders and head, as a symbol of mourning. Mother is no longer able to look at what happened to her child. The woman turned away, her head tilted to the side, her eyes looking up. It seems that very soon she will lose consciousness or fall into agony. Under the cross is Mary Magdalena. She is trying to protect, to shelter the body of Jesus Christ.

The sky is depicted dark, with large, looming clouds. The sun, forever illuminating the sky, is now practically invisible - an eclipse has come.

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