Description of the painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo “Summer”

Description of the painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldo “Summer”

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Created in 1573. Exhibited in the Louvre, Paris, France. Another similar, but written ten years earlier, canvas is in the Vienna Museum of the History of Art.

The artist was called a classic only in the 20th century, when he rediscovered his original work. It is remembered for unique allegorical works in which people are portrayed with the help of completely different things, from birds or shells to books and flames. The uniqueness is that before Arcimboldo in the XVI century. no one has done this yet; he is even considered the ancestor of surrealism.

This work symbolizes the summer from the cycle "Seasons", which consists of four stylistic similar anthropomorphic portraits. In a complex and oversaturated elements of the composition they convey to the viewer the very essence of each season. This in the author’s vision appears in the image of a mature woman with an attractive figure and a mysterious smile, visible even in the open pea pod. She is dressed in a straw blouse, decorated on the collar and sleeves with ears of ripe wheat, on them, if you look closely, you can distinguish the year of writing and the name of the painter.

Instead of delicate female cheeks, a soft pink peach is depicted, lips are sweet raspberry cherries and grapes, a nose is a green cucumber, a dark cherry is an eye, a spikelet is an eyebrow ... The face is assembled like the most unusual mosaic, but still contains a high hairstyle. It clearly distinguishes an ear of corn, eggplant, poured plums and sweet pears, even more cherries and vines, large berries of a blackberry, etc. Together, it conveys an allegory of growth and harvesting of a rich harvest that ripens for three months and begins to be harvested in late August .

The canvas is dominated by warm and saturated shades corresponding to summer time, due to which the female profile shines in the middle of a black fill. Each fruit is drawn with great care and realism, correctly placed shadows and highlights create a strong effect of the image volume, amplified by the contrast with the dark background.

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