Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “The Sea” (1850)

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “The Sea” (1850)

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The painting "Sea" was painted by the artist on paper in watercolor. Despite the fact that mainly Alexander Andreevich wrote historical motifs, the theme of the sea is one of Ivanov’s favorite works. In the image of nature, the master found joy for the soul. Work was carried out in the 1850s. Ivanov's watercolor landscapes did not attract much attention from art lovers. Such an independent landscape of Ivanov, such as "Sea", is a clear example of the artist's natural perception, which is adjusted by color.

The entire surface of the sheet of this work is organically designed. Thanks to the execution of the work on paper, the watercolor image looks even more transparent. Thin contour lines organically distribute the main masses of the picture, without closing any boundaries.

The image offers a panoramic view of the sea from afar. This representation of the image reflects the high view of the artist on the landscape and has philosophical significance. The image corresponds to the simple human need to mentally move away from nature, to look at it from a distance. The artist gives the viewer the opportunity to consider the general patterns of the landscape. The main composition is clearly defined and does not contradict the color palette.

The color scheme chosen by the master is rather concise. Blue shadows on white paper look especially expressive and give the picture a twist. The drawing has inspired plastic. Looking at the picture, you can notice the beautiful plasticity of the smear, an abundance of color transition. Jerky strokes give the image the illusion of movement that accurately conveys the waving of the sea surf.

The artist considered work on landscapes as an auxiliary lesson on the main historical picture. Despite everything, Ivanova can be attributed to the number of magnificent landscape painters.

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