Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Moonrise in Feodosia"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Created in 1892, materials - canvas, oil, dimensions - 200 by 327.5 cm. Exhibited in Theodosia Art Gallery. I.K. Aivazovsky, Theodosius, Crimea.

The painting refers to the period when the artist in his painting style has already reached perfection, but, despite his considerable age, he was not going to stop painting - the 90s. XIX century were incredibly fruitful. The master even rewrote this canvas in 1899, making a practical mirror image.

Theodosius - the native and beloved city of Ivan Konstantinovich - repeatedly appeared in his works and remained forever in his heart. However, here an outside observer sees only a piece of the Feodosia coast, onto which a broken off algae-covered mast with scraps of sail has brought in. The skeleton of another, not yet fully sunk and heavily-banked vessel is visible in the distance. The ship probably ran aground or got a hole on the rocks. The tragedy occurred a long time ago, and now only the wind rules in a deserted space.

The moon rises gradually over the restless, full of breakers sea, staining with its ghostly radiance a part of the sea and almost the whole sky in yellowish-green, a little painful and disturbing shade. The night luminary rises from a cloudy bed, which resembles the silhouettes of animal heads: a bear has opened its mouth on the left, and a dog with erect ears is on the right.

A rather restrained palette was used, but an impressive number of shades of blue - from dark blue to sapphire, and green - from pistachio and turquoise to grass and dark green. Unlike most of the works of the marine painter, the horizon line is well traced, this gives the canvas even more realism and draws attention to the majestic skyline. It seems that now the waves will begin to move and rapidly crash ashore, irrigating everything around with salt spray.

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