Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "Bather"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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All the works of Kazimir Malevich painted between 1900 and 1934 were created mainly in the style of Suprematism. This is a whole system that the artist himself justified. It consists in the fact that all artistic images were created exclusively by combining any geometric shapes.

In his work “The Bather”, the artist portrayed a rather clumsy man who was awarded with flipper-like limbs. He runs to the water. But as if seeing something, he was petrified, turning into a monument. The figure is depicted in colors that give it strength, power. We see how the picture is filled with brutal meaning, despite the fact that it is slightly deformed.

The work is drawn on paper using gouache. Today it is stored in Amsterdam at the Stedelik Museum.

Kazimir Malevich used gouache at the turn of the decade. He managed to convey with gouache all the energy, expressiveness of his character. To do this, it was just necessary to make an elastic contour stroke, while slightly strengthening it with colors stuck in the form of a thickened volume.

The picture is filled with incredible color power. Despite the colorfulness, the picture itself looks anti-realistic, down to earth. Malevich wanted to show with this picture that it is an independent organism that lives according to its own laws, without obeying anyone. The only law that can affect it is the law of color. The predecessors of the artist Malevich were French Fauvists, who many called a little wild, because they used the power of color schemes.

Art critics in the portrait of "Bather" found a carnal beginning. We see in the picture a certain dance of the red devil - this is how the person depicted in the painting "Bather" is perceived. Malevich believed that it is in dance that the human body can acquire forms of a certain sophistication, sincerity.

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