Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Bathing in the Seine"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Dated 1869, used canvas and oil. Size - 59 by 80 cm. Located in the Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin, Moscow, Russia.

Renoir tried several styles of painting in his life, but is widely known as one of the prominent French impressionists. It is distinguished by the predominance of exquisite and romantic images in portraits.

The master wrote this painting from nature almost simultaneously with K. Monet. Once incredibly scandalous, and now the universally recognized "Breakfast on the Grass" by E. Manet, created six years before them, was also inspired by this place. Artists, like many Parisians of their time, came to the coastal pontoon cafe in the summer or, according to another version, went for walks in a quiet suburb of Paris on the shady island of Croissy, where the bathhouse officially authorized by the city hall was located and changing rooms were installed. At the same time, another name for the painting “The Frog” also has two interpretations: frogs were those who decided to swim in the shallow waters of the Seine, as well as girls of easy virtue in defiantly bright, sometimes frankly screaming dresses that rushed ashore in search of customers.

In the landscape, great emphasis is placed on expressive warm colors, a riot of summer greenery, water glare and many details of magnificent outfits of the 19th century. with crinolines, bows, ribbons, sun umbrellas, hats and top hats. The foliage of the trees, drawn in short strokes in a rich range of shades, as if moving and rustling under the heat of the wind, blowing the light skirts of the ladies, the patterns of light and shadow are rapidly changing on the path and tree bark, the second black and white dog is mincing, a sailing boat is sailing far in the distance ... All these important little things that carry the viewer into the summer were managed to convey to the author, who was still only at the beginning of his impressive career.

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