Description of the painting by Frans Hals "Smiling Cavalier"

Description of the painting by Frans Hals

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The painting "Smiling Cavalier" by Dutch artist Frans Hals was painted in oil on canvas in 1624.

Genre - portrait.

Freedom, immediacy, happiness permeate and saturate the portrait. Looking at him, I want to smile and also shine with happiness. The whole face of the hero smiles - cunningly squinted eyes, ready to wink at any moment, lips, a mustache curiously twisted, an original beard. Even the golden curls under a huge black hat start a cheerful and perky dance.

However, it is possible that not everything is so rosy and happy in the image of the person being portrayed. In the depths of the eyes and in all his pose, arrogance, arrogance, and excessive self-confidence show through. It seems that the hero enjoys his dandy costume. But it really amazes with its magnificence! Exquisite snow-white lace on the collar and cuffs are worked wonderfully detailed and delight in its incredible beauty. Arrows, wings of angels, hearts are embroidered on the sleeves with precise and clear lines of gold, red and green colors. An unbelievably white shirt peeps out from under the camisole. Judging by the richness of the patterns and the beauty in front of the viewer - a suit of the groom.

Scrupulousness in the image of details is a characteristic feature of the portrait. Carefully worked out not only lace and embroidery elements, but also a mustache, beard, hair on the hero’s head. It seems that all this is real, everything can be touched, and when touched, the images will not disappear, but will remain quite tangible.

The artist is fluent in color. This is evidenced by the richest palette of black and white on the clothes of the gentleman, the stunning overflow of gold on the knob of the sword, the amazing accuracy of the colors of the embroidery. The portrait is presented on a gray background, which perfectly sets off his image.

Currently, the work is stored in the Wallace Collection, London.

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