Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer "Father of Albrecht Durer (Portrait of the father)"

Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer

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The German artist Albrecht Durer is considered one of the most prominent representatives of the European Renaissance. His talent was very versatile - so, in addition to painting, Dürer was fond of woodcuts, and was the first to elevate it to the rank of art. After marriage, he opened his own workshop, at which the sale of prints was opened. Many books of that time came out with engravings by Dürer as illustrations. The painter also created the first practical drawing guide in Northern Europe. A great influence on the work of the master had a trip to Italy and communication with Italian artists; he reluctantly left this country, about which he wrote in letters to his friends.

Dürer was considered one of the best portrait painters of his time. In all his works he strove for the absolute and accuracy of the transmission of nature; contemporaries believed that the artist painted his models incredibly similar, only in self-portraits slightly exaggerating the beauty and nobility of his own face.

Albrecht's father was a jeweler. His family had eighteen children, but only three survived to adulthood - the artist and his two younger brothers. A portrait of his father, painted five years before the death of Dürer, Sr., shows the viewer the wrinkled face of an elderly man, which reflected all his losses and losses. Reddish penetrating eyes slightly watery, On a man - a black hat according to the old Hungarian fashion, hands are hidden in the wide sleeves of a dark yellow dress.

The picture remained unfinished - unlike most of Dürer’s works, the background was not worked out, but simply primed with a reddish paint, which cracked over time. Despite the fact that the artist does not hide the signs of his father's aging and carefully prescribes all the folds of senile skin, the picture was painted with great love and warmth for the elderly parent.

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