Description of the painting “Concert in the park” by Nicola Lancre

Description of the painting “Concert in the park” by Nicola Lancre

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This work of art was created by a famous French painter named Nicola Lancret. As it can be logically understood from the actions taking place in the picture itself, it has the name “Concert in the park”. As for the dimensions of the canvas, it reaches more than 75 centimeters in width and almost 110 centimeters in height. Art historians attribute the drawing to the Rococo painting period, but you can also see some notes of neoclassicism in it.

At first glance it seems that the name was coined absolutely messy and ridiculous, but turning to the dictionary, we see that in those days absolutely any public performance of theatrical, vocal or instrumental nature was considered a concert. It is absolutely unimportant how many speakers were envisioned in the concert.

In this picture, we just see one speaker. He is dressed smartly enough: he wears a red and black cape, black breeches and knee-highs. Shoes and the lower part of the clothes are decorated with large magnificent bows in the tone of the cloak. On the artist’s head is a traditional French beret. Even now, as you know, it is worn by creative individuals, most often artists or poets.

Our artist entertains an aristocratic audience. This can be judged by the appearance of the guys and girls who settled down to rest under the old decayed tree. Girls are dressed in magnificent dresses. Guys have outfits similar to those that were named when describing the speaker. These are young people who were entertained by intellectual conversations and similar kind of fun.

When creating this picture, the artist used soft and unsaturated colors. Judging by the grayish shade of the sky and the nature surrounding young people, we can conclude that it is already evening on the street. Perhaps they spent this whole day, or maybe they act in turn, entertaining each other with singing, then with music.

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