Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev “Trinity Day”

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev “Trinity Day”

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The painting "Trinity Day" recreated the wide spirit of festivities. Everyone knows the deep faith and respect for traditions on the part of the Russian people, and Trinity is one of the main Christian celebrations. In his work, Kustodiev lovingly depicts the festive fun of the provincial residents.

Most likely, the scope of the festivities is deliberately exaggerated, by this method the author demonstrates sincere optimism of the Russian people and love for the festivities. Smartly dressed people walk along the park alleys and narrow streets. Around the merchants, teams of horses and booths. Balloons are visible, bright flags are fluttering.

In the foreground we see a merchant family. The lady is dressed in a magnificent, turquoise dress. On her shoulders a cheerful scarf with a folk pattern. She is in a good mood, smiling and listening to what a handsome bearded man behind tells her, probably her husband.

A young girl walks in a snow-white dress, belted with a bright red sash. In her hands are flowers and an elegant parasol. She is followed by a tastefully dressed gentleman in a dandy hat and with a cane. It could be her older brother or a matchmaker. Perhaps the family just left the temple, whose magnificent domes glisten in the sun.

The colorful, contrasting coloring of the picture conveys a sense of joy and exalted spirit. On the faces of people, pleasure and anticipation of a good day. Music plays, people having fun, eating sweets and watching entertainment programs.

In the painting “Trinity Day” Russia appears to us expressive, colorful and expressive. The brilliant artist Fedor Chaliapin, a fan of Kustodiev’s work, said that no one else can depict the country's province so vividly and extraordinary. Thus, the painter expresses his love for the traditions and traditions of his homeland.

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