Description of the painting by Marc Chagall "Wedding"

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall

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Mark (Movsha) Chagall received a traditional Jewish education, studied Hebrew and Torah. National self-awareness has become the main theme of the artist. Most of his canvases are visualization of images of Jewish folklore. Chagall's style is so original that it is difficult to rank it in any particular direction. Arriving from Vitebsk in St. Petersburg, the author studied at the school of Nicholas Roerich. At twenty-two, Chagall met his future wife Bella. From that moment, Mark painted her - Bella on almost all of his canvases. The beauty features are recognizable in the faces of women of all genre works of the master. Later he was married twice more, but only his first love remained a muse for life.

Chagall's canvases are characterized by a hypertrophied fabulous atmosphere; Despite this, life and interior details are usually reproduced quite accurately and in detail, and when creating landscapes in his early work, he even used postcards from the provincial Vitebsk. The author’s magic usually begins where feelings arise between a man and a woman; lovers often fly over the city or ascend to heaven.

In the Wedding painting, the viewer again sees a couple, in whose appearance Mark and Bella are easily guessed. A woman is wearing a wedding dress and veil; a man in a black suit hugs her, she put a hand in a snow-white glove on his waist. A baby is painted on the bride’s cheek - apparently, she dreams of a baby. A chubby angel with red wings overshadows their union from heaven.

In the background is a log house; a bright light burns in the window, and a table covered with a light tablecloth, laden with dishes, is visible - everything is ready for the bride and groom to meet. A violinist in a cap, perching on a tree branch, like a bird, plays a young wedding march. The main color of the work is turquoise blue with a silver-gray tint, festive white details emphasize the solemnity of the moment.

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