Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Lilac and forget-me-nots"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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The artist himself recalled that his still lifes always reflected the mood. Here is the picture “Lilac and forget-me-nots” (1904) - permeated with sunlight, joy, and lilac fragrance. Near the still life it is as if a bright floral aroma is felt. Although I. Grabar himself was not very pleased with this picture. It seemed to him "boring and dry." The still life is written in the style of French impressionism, it surprises and delights with sensuality, filled with emotions that owned the artist when he saw flowers modestly standing on the lid of the piano.

In the center of the picture is a white jug with white lilac and pinkish-lilac and a wide low basket with forget-me-nots standing nearby. The pure blue color of forget-me-nots emphasizes, sets off the pale lilac and white colors of the vase with lilac branches. As the author of the still life himself recalled, when he saw a vase and a basket of flowers standing on the piano’s lid, threw another lilac branch nearby and began to write. A sense of joy, happiness, permeated by the life-affirming emotions of spring, comes from this artistic canvas.

The viewer receives a double sensation of spring, sunny, fragrant floral emotions, thanks to the clear reflection of the floral arrangement on the dark, shiny background of the lacquered piano lid. This deep reflection enhances the viewer's perception of those feelings and emotions that the artist sought to convey to the viewer.

In the background are the chairs in a row against the wall. A small picture in a light frame hangs on the wall. There is a feeling that people who were listening to someone playing the piano went out into the garden, are about to return ... And the flowers on the piano live their own lives, they fill the room with themselves, with their fragrance, spring clean air. Flowers seemed to bring sunlight into the room, which they absorbed when they had just blossomed in the garden.

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