Description of the painting Arkady Plastov "Autumn"

Description of the painting Arkady Plastov

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Arkady Plastov was twenty-four years old when the October Revolution took place in the country. The artist’s creativity was formed and developed already under the Soviet system. After graduation, he returned to his native village, painted a lot from nature. In most of his works, the author involved fellow villagers as sitters.

The skill of Plastov was reflected in two directions - landscape and genre. As the author of everyday paintings, the artist noticeably embellished the life of the Soviet village and did not seek to reveal the indicated topics, avoiding showing conflict situations. However, artificial, somewhat wooden human images are combined with a remarkable talent of the painter. Plastov certainly painted all his genre scenes against the backdrop of beautiful rural landscapes, depicting nature with unsurpassed lyricism - he was a real master in landscape business.

Autumn, most likely, was the artist’s favorite time of the year - a good half of his landscapes recreate exactly this time of the year. Painting Autumn does not recreate this time of year at its latest. The grass is still green, and young horses graze on it with pleasure, two bay and one gray. To the right of the pasture is a village road washed away by rain, all in puddles and potholes.

In still water, fragments of a gray-blue sky and trees covered with yellow leaves are reflected. In the right corner is a small undergrowth. Birch trees stand out with bright fresh gold, their festive outfit is the brightest spot in the picture. The ground under the trees is strewn with fallen leaves. Behind the trees are two horsemen, their silhouettes are drawn schematically and appear dark shadows. On the horizon - a thicker forest, rich yellow, with glimpses of orange.

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