Description of the painting Paolo Veronese "The Abduction of Europe"

Description of the painting Paolo Veronese

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Examining the canvas of Paolo Veronese. Which has a rather well-known and symbolic name “The Abduction of Europe”, it immediately brings back memories of the myths of Ancient Greece, the unsurpassed beauty of young Europe and the perseverance of loving Zeus. The canvas itself is quite large: it reaches a width of 3 meters and a height of 2.5 meters. The work was carried out in the oil technique.

I would like to note right away that many talented artists turned to the love motive of Zeus and Europe. Each of them tried to look at history in a new way, to bring something individual, exceptional, so that the viewer believed him. Paolo Veronese did the same.

The painting depicts the story of the daughter of a Phoenician king named Europe. Her beauty was admired far beyond the borders of the country, and the main god of Olympus could not but respond to this, because, as you know, he was an avid for beautiful girls. Zeus decides to steal Europe and take it with him. But how to do it so as not to prove himself? Zeus comes to the girl in the form of a bull and carries her far into the steppe. This moment was captured by the author of the picture on canvas. It is worth noting that as a result of this love, mythical creatures such as King Minos, Radamant and Sarpedon appeared.

When analyzing the picture, you immediately pay attention to a rather detailed and complex composition. The author succeeded in practically impossible: on such a large canvas he painted in detail each character of this event, without missing a single one of them. But the main action takes place on the left side of the canvas. It is here that we see how Europe sits on the back of a mighty bull, and he is ready to run away with her wherever his eyes look. Only the friends of Europe hold the bull, but it lasts only a few moments.

Thanks to the use of bright colors and saturated colors, the picture looks vibrant and super-realistic.

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