Description of the painting by Nikolai Koshelev “The Head of Christ”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Koshelev “The Head of Christ”

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Koshelev Nikolay Andreevich in the 19-20 centuries at one time a famous person, an artist of religious painting. Member of the Academy of Painting (St. Petersburg), for many years was forgotten among believers and experts.

Nikolai was born into a family of serfs in a small village in the Penza region. All his childhood passed in Arzamas, where for lack of material means, he could not enter the art school of A. V. Stupin. At 11, he enters the service of a painter from Nizhny Novgorod. However, this experience was unsuccessful and in 1853 it was taken to him by a local landowner. In 1856, she took the young man to an art school in Kazan, where he receives several painting lessons from professional artists, including the Italian Botelli.

Koshelev, the son of serfs, who managed to achieve recognition. He painted paintings so picturesque that were dedicated to the exploit and suffering of Christ that there are still no artists in world painting, with paintings equal to the paintings of Koshelev.

From what point can and should be considered the paintings of Koshelev? Like icons or like art paintings with a religious plot? The artist’s work should still be considered exclusively in the cultural context of his time. Christ for that time is a thinker who opposes himself to society, preaches new ideals.

The painting “The Head of Christ” was painted specifically for the church of St. Alexander Nevsky. To date, she was moved to the Alexander Compound, where she hangs in the guest room.

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