Description of the painting Niko Pirosmani “Janitor”

Description of the painting Niko Pirosmani “Janitor”

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The artist who painted in the style of primitivism, a man about whom many facts of the biography are restored after his death. This is Pirosmani, a Georgian talent who acquired and honed his drawing skills on his own.

For many, the works of Pirosmani can cause confusion, for others they cause delight. The self-taught artist did not know anything about the painting technique, did not know the anatomical nuances, did not know how to draw. He tried to convey his emotions and feelings through paper.

Pirosmani lived in poverty, painted in perfumes, where the cheapest picture sometimes cost one glass of vodka. Despite the fact that he had the opportunity to change his life, go to the mountains, start farming, he made a choice in favor of painting. His drawings do not carry any ideological message, he did not borrow the genre. He did it on his own. In fact, it can be considered the parent of the genre - primitivism.

An important role in his work is played by animals. Pirosmani portrayed them usually turned in three quarters, not like their real prototypes.

With even greater pleasure, the artist painted nature. Outwardly, his characters are calm. Inside - full of drama. Pirosmani used specific types of people to portray them in his paintings - these were peasants with children, cooks, janitors, organ grinders. All compositions by the artist are static. Colors have their own special symbolic meaning.

The most famous work of a Georgian artist is The Janitor, which he wrote in 1904, 14 years before his death.

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