Description of the painting by Pavel Sudakov “Toward the evening”

Description of the painting by Pavel Sudakov “Toward the evening”

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Pavel Fedorovich Sudakov traveled a lot around the country, painted portraits and historical paintings - but it was landscapes that glorified him. Traveling in the Russian North, discovering Belomorsk and Sumy Ostrov, the artist, who had previously specialized mainly in portraiture, began to write very special pictures of nature. Pines, ancient plantings, fabulous sunsets and sunrises, the cold North Sea became the main characters of his work. And natural phenomena performed by the artist became no less spiritualized and alive than human portraits.

In the picture Towards evening, we see a simple, unpretentious landscape typical of northern Russia at that time. A cold, low gray sky, covered in clouds almost to the horizon. Dull green fields pitted with hollows and covered with low flat hills. A small pond in which clouds are reflected. An old, rickety gloomy house surrounded by a curved fence. Outbuildings are as frail and poor as the house itself. And finally, in the foreground - a large haystack supported by long curved islands. Everything drawn in the picture, it would seem, should inspire melancholy and gloomy, hopeless thoughts. But the artist writes the restrained beauties surrounding him with such love and attention that one can involuntarily feel the desire to go to this harsh, gloomy land.

Today, after some time, we can say absolutely definitely - the North opened to Russia an absolutely new Pavel Sudakov. Without changing his constant habit of grasping the essence of the depicted, Sudakov depicts the northern nature of spiritualized, strong, majestic - the same as the people inhabiting the Russian North. In 1982, he was awarded the title People's Artist of the RSFSR.

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