Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev "Evening"

Description of the painting Fedor Vasilyev

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Vasilyev Fedor Alexandrovich began his artistic career at the age of 17. He specialized in painting landscapes. The young artist sought to capture nature in its various states. Unfortunately, his life tragically ended at the age of 23. Over his short life, Vasiliev painted more than 100 paintings and managed to get into the first row of leading Russian landscape painters.

The picture Evening, created in 1869, depicts a simple rural landscape. In the foreground is the road along which several people are walking. Probably, the artist portrayed a family for a walk. You can distinguish between a man in a dark coat, a woman in a white shirt and a sundress, and a boy walking in front of adults. A man and a woman walk together and talk about something. A small white dog runs next to them. A little further along the road you can see figures of other people. On the right side of the picture you can see tall trees and a few stumps. Behind the trees you can see the roof of the village house. In the left part of the picture in the distance are other houses and trees hidden by foggy haze. At the top of the canvas, the artist depicted a bright sky and blue streaming clouds.

Judging by the yellow leaves on the trees and clothes of the villagers, Vasiliev depicted autumn. This is also confirmed by birds circling in the sky. It is as if they are gathering in flocks for flying south, to warmer climes. While working on the canvas, the author used mainly brown, yellow and white tones. The tops of the trees he highlighted in light green. On some elements of the composition, for example, on tree trunks, strokes of red color can be seen.

In the picture, the young landscape painter conveys the atmosphere of mystery and beauty of nature and at the same time demonstrates the leisureliness of village life.

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