Description of the painting by Vasily Sadovnikov "Panorama of Nevsky Prospect"

Description of the painting by Vasily Sadovnikov

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V. His work occupies an important place among the works devoted to the depiction of landscapes of St. Petersburg. Sadovnikov’s artistic heritage is more than a hundred pages with views of the capital, its environs, embankments and squares.
Over his life, Sadovnikov managed to make more than a hundred views of St. Petersburg, capturing the northern capital from the time of Pushkin and Gogol in his early works, to the days of Dostoevsky and Pomyalovsky in later works.
The most famous painting by the artist is considered to be "Panorama of Nevsky Prospect." It depicts Petersburg since the time of Pushkin. It details each building on Nevsky Prospect. The painter took about five years to complete this painstaking work. Originally made in watercolor, the panorama was 16 meters in length. Subsequently, it was transferred to a lithographic stone for printing.
The gardener depicted Nevsky Prospect with amazing accuracy, which made a lasting impression on his contemporaries. This work was highly appreciated by contemporaries for its reliability, because even the smallest details of building facades were reflected in it, the scale and location of buildings and monuments were accurately conveyed. However, in addition to the almost documentary authenticity of the city landscape, a poetic mood is also felt in the artist’s work. Gardeners shows a capital full of life. On the streets depicted by him walk people of different classes, horses and carriages.

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