Description of the painting by Pavel Chistyakov “Beggars”

Description of the painting by Pavel Chistyakov “Beggars”

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Chistyakov Pavel - an artist whom the artist Valentin Serov called his only teacher, who succumbed to the stable laws of form.

Pavel Chistyakov comes from a family of serfs, which belonged to the landowner A. Tyutchev. Born in 1832 in with. Ponds. The future painter took his first training at the school of the local parish, which was located in Red Hill (now the Tver region). Becomes a student of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1849). His teacher becomes P.V. Basin.

Pavel’s canvas “Beggars” (written in 1861, in the garden of his house in the Red Hills) perfectly shows us the life and life of that time. We see two beautiful, but sad, and probably hungry, kids who are dressed in everything they have. The youngest child is great in his robes. They stand in the doorway, probably waiting for them to eat. Children are very unhappy, they go from house to house, asking for food. The sight of poor kids makes the viewer feel compassion, a desire to help them.

The picture is made on cardboard with oil. Today, the canvas is stored in the State Russian Museum.

Pavel Petrovich Chistyakov was awarded not only a gold medal, but also a trip to Italy for his beautiful painting “Beggars of Children”. After returning from abroad, Paul decided to exhibit his works. Subsequently, he began to teach at the Academy of Fine Arts. Among his students were seen Vasily Surikov, Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Vrubel. Subsequently, the students became famous artists and spoke very warmly about their teacher.

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