Description of the painting Vasily Surikov "Cossack"

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov

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Vasily Surikov was born in Siberia, in Krasnoyarsk, in a family of hereditary Cossacks. Among the founders of this city are its ancestors, Don Cossacks. Repeatedly he spoke of his origin with great pride; scenes from Cossack life and colorful images of Cossacks pass through all his work. The artist was always worried about the historical authenticity of his paintings. He dreamed of using his art to show the audience the greatness of Russia.

The small-sized painting Cossack was created by Surikov in preparation for the creation of the legendary canvas The Conquest of Siberia by Ermak. At this time, the artist writes a large number of bright works, depicting picturesque images of the conquerors of Siberia. This work was of particular importance for the author, since among the Cossacks who came to Siberia were Surikov's ancestors. Fascinated by the upcoming global work, the author creates a series of brilliant portraits one by one.

The man depicted in the picture is no longer young; the artist was well able to convey his cunning, inquisitive, slightly crazy look. Tangled hair and an unshaven beard indicate that this character is far from the benefits of civilization and has been on the road for more than a day. When creating this image, Surikov reached incredible heights of expressiveness. Even now, a century and a half after the creation of the picture, we understand the character of the hero - formidable and merciless, but at the same time tired of life and partly desperate. Surikov does not strive for the absolute beauty of form, does not rush to improve reality - he paints the world as he sees it. But even when he depicts the dark and ugly sides of his characters, the artist’s pride in his great land is felt in the works.

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