Description of Claude Monet's painting "Garden"

Description of Claude Monet's painting

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French painter and one of the founders of impressionism Oscar Claude Monet. He began his artistic career with caricatures, gained fame as a portrait painter, but his main passion was the creation of natural landscapes. Most of his paintings are dedicated to beautiful gardens from different parts of France.

The painting Garden was painted in 1876. At this time, the artist lived in his own house in his homeland, in Argente, the northwestern suburb of Paris. Probably it was there that he found the garden, which he later captured on canvas.

The viewer opens to a beautiful, quiet garden. In the foreground is a thick grass carpet and burdock, freely spreading its large leaves. In the background, you can see tall trees and lush bushes that seem to be full of mysteries and mysteries. Although the abundance of yellow foliage on the trees indicates the approach of autumn, the whole picture breathes the sun and warmth.

The canvas is dominated by natural colors: warm yellow and fresh green. A bright spot on a yellow-green background stands out juicy red berries on the bushes. The artist depicted them at the right border of the picture. On the opposite side of the berry bushes you can see another accent detail of the composition - a dark-haired girl in a light blue dress. She has a tall hat on her head.

In 1890, the artist acquired a house with a garden for his family, where he set up a beautiful garden. Even turning into a gardener, Monet did not stop painting, but now his own model became the main model.

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