Description of the Cosimo Tour Madonna painting

Description of the Cosimo Tour Madonna painting

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Cosimo Tura was supposedly born in 1430. He became one of the brightest Italian painters who founded the Ferrara school of painting. Unfortunately, most of the artist’s works were lost, but some of them still survived, vividly characterizing the creator as one of the prominent figures of his time.

A distinctive feature of the Tour is his vision of man in creativity. He portrays people in unnatural poses, giving them a fossilized look and cold looks. His characters seem to be carved from stone, motionless and unfamiliar with human warmth.

The artist’s landscapes are also distinguished by a kind of icy indifference, unfamiliar with the smell of flowers and the rays of the hot sun.

Tura was a student of many world-famous artists. He absorbed their vision and habits, developing his own view of painting. In his works there is no breath of life, but this is what attracts.

One of these works was Madonna. The painting represents the Madonna with a baby in her arms, sitting on a throne. She was surrounded by angels, solemnly designating her significance with the help of musical instruments. The facial expressions of the characters are diverse. Concrete emotions cannot be designated here, but their ambiguity is traced everywhere. The throne is framed by cold stone statues. It is interesting that even the presence of many colors and shades in a picture does not make it light and rainbow. Such a position, on the contrary, gives it a gloomy subtext, which is certainly only the signature of the Tour.

The lack of movement on the canvas seems to reveal the main idea - religion is timeless. Tura was an ardent admirer of astrology, which can be traced in several of his works, where the outlines of the zodiac signs are present. Regarding the painting "Madonna", here the artist wanted to convey his vision of the birth of a new time with Christ.

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