Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Duel"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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The painting was painted in 1896. To date, the canvas is presented in the Moscow Tretyakov Gallery. Earlier, the first version of the painting, entitled “Sorry!”, Was sold, in 1897 sold to an Italian woman in a private collection. In addition to him, there is also a sketch of the work, located in one of the Moscow collections. One of Repin's contemporaries talks about how the idea of ​​the canvas was born. He claimed that the work was presented to the viewer after the story of one of the court officials about a duel in which the perpetrator was mortally wounded and shortly before his death he asked for forgiveness from his rival.

The picture shows the moment after the shot, where the wounded man was surrounded for several seconds, holding hands and anxiously looking at the doctor, who was nearby and walking towards the dying man, but, on the contrary, turned away from the opponent, lit the cigarette winner duel.

After the publication of the work, a lot of reviews of various kinds fell upon Repin. Some believed that the artist did not finish the work, thus causing a feeling of indifference to what was happening inside the episode, but there were others who claimed to have genuine emotions, looking at the expression on the face of the dying person, empathized with him. One of the critics, after watching the picture, turned to Repin with the question: “After all, the wounded forgave his killer?” Such a reaction was unexpected for the creator, since the theme of the duel itself was controversial. Many considered a protest against duelists in their work, preferring a peaceful solution to conflict situations.

The work caused a heated discussion even in the media, where it was repeatedly praised and criticized at the same time, which is an indispensable sign of skill for the artist.

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