Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir “Daughters of Catullus Mendes at the Piano”

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir “Daughters of Catullus Mendes at the Piano”

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In 1841, a boy was born in a small French town who was destined to become a brilliant creator. Years later, having moved to Paris, Pierre Renoir became one of the most sought-after masters of his time. Renoir was a prominent representative of impressionism, an excellent graphic artist and a talented sculptor.

The most famous was brought to him by the portraits that Pierre painted for the Paris nobility. In 1888, his next painting, “Daughters of Catullus Mendes at the Piano,” came out from under the brush of a master of painting. It depicted a fashion plot of that era - a combination of young ladies and a musical instrument. Many artists embodied popular themes on canvas, Renoir was no exception.

The plot focuses on three sister girls. One stands with a violin in her hands, the hands of the other tenderly touch the keys. Their gaze is directed directly at the viewer. The third, the youngest, is waiting for the sisters to begin their impromptu concert. Girls are dressed in the latest fashion. They have beautiful silk dresses and shoes. The composition is complemented by a piano and a bouquet in a vase. The composition surprisingly harmoniously combines many colors and textures.

The canvas was written from nature. Three little heroines of the plot - the stepdaughters of the famous French poet Catullus Mendes. The painting was created on the eve of the Paris exhibition. The work bears the imprint of tenderness, femininity and lightness of young beauties. Their looks are soft, warm. The images turned out to be extremely realistic and lively, despite the characteristic manner of the artist.

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