Description of the painting Vasily Ivanovich Surikov "Siberian Beauty (1891)"

Description of the painting Vasily Ivanovich Surikov

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The first thoughts that arise at the sight of this picture once again convince that true female beauty does not need any jewelry. This opinion was shared by the artist himself, who was originally from Siberia and very much loved his native country. He often used images of his fellow countrymen to paint canvases. Here is a young cheerful Siberian girl, from whom she breathes energy and a good mood. She is dressed in a traditional Russian outfit, a woman radiates warmth and goodness. Her black eyes glow with happiness, glimpses of the living Russian soul are visible in them.

A mischievous look is perfectly emphasized by a beautiful smile, which makes the image of the girl more complete and complete. The artist paid special attention to the costume in which the heroine is dressed. On a snow-white shirt, a black sundress is embroidered, embroidered with golden threads. Her head is decorated with a scarf with embroidery, combining perfectly with the whole outfit. The combination of colors makes her look discreet, but nonetheless, he looks very elegant. A soft light falls on the girl, which does not emit any special details.

Ivan Surikov was a chant of natural female beauty, so he chose not to depict any extra jewelry on the girl. He did not want to complicate the content of the picture, paying more attention to the inner world of the Siberian woman. The master incredibly accurately portrayed a typical Russian beauty who seems strong, free and smiling. Her posture seems a little playful and flirty, as if the girl is having fun. The scarf is tied very simply, "according to the people", emphasizing its deliberate negligence. But most importantly, the artist was able to perfectly convey the naturalness and charm of his countrywoman, who touches the most delicate strings of the soul and makes her admire the laid-back beauty.

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