Description of the painting by Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky “Twilight (1917)”

Description of the painting by Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky “Twilight (1917)”

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Kandinsky was one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century, becoming the face of abstract art. Almost all the paintings painted before 1921 were a reflection of the Apocalypse. This picture does not need to be explained, since abstract art distracts from concrete images and forms an individual attitude of the audience to what is shown on the canvas. The artist preferred the manner of spontaneous writing, which depicts mysterious forms that are mysterious monsters, as if descended from Bosch's canvases. The creator as if creates a world of nightmares, lurking in itself many secrets.

The artist for some time studied the work of the mentally ill, inspired by their immense inner world, not distinguishing between reality and fiction. He is trying to understand how the inner vision works by distinguishing between colors and harmony of forms. Some see in this picture the whole Universe, which is in chaos and hides evil in its space. It causes such emotions as anxiety, confusion and a premonition of something tragic. At the same time, Kandinsky very vividly and deeply portrayed the outlandish beauty of destruction.

The master created the canvas while in Russia and experiencing a difficult period in his life. Events took place in the country that negatively reflected on people, forcing them to experience troubled times and see the suffering of others. This was reflected in the work of the artist, who was very worried about his homeland. Kandinsky traveled a lot, having visited countries such as Africa, France and Italy. He lived for a long time in Berlin, but spent his last years in Paris, becoming one of the participants in the international art process. He went down in history as a graphic artist, theorist, and founder of abstract art.

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