Description of the bas-relief of Mark Antokolsky Yaroslav the Wise

Description of the bas-relief of Mark Antokolsky Yaroslav the Wise

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Since 1888, the sculptor Antokolsky worked for a long time without a break, trying to create the perfect image of Grand Duke Yaroslav the Wise. The work went painstakingly, but took a relatively short time from the talented sculptor. Just a year after he began working on the image of the prince, his work was not only successfully completed, but also released by one well-known company H DECK from France.

At a work presented some time after graduation, Prince Yaroslav the Wise is depicted. The sculptor Antokolsky decided that it is best to portray such a person against the background of battles or against the background of his military banner. The prince would be dressed in elegant and colorful clothes for those times, which was also depicted in the high relief.

The main basis of this high relief for the creator was an extensive code of laws of that time. This code of laws was called the Russian truth, which directly pointed to one of the most important and significant deeds of the truly wise prince for the future of the country. Under his leadership, the first ancient Russian law in the history of Russia was created.

Also sculptures in his work noted the expression on the face and look of the prince. This is based on the fact that Yaroslav the Wise during his reign made the main emphasis and focused on the internal structure and life of people. His works were aimed at Christianizing and enlightening all Great Russia. The prince managed to achieve great success in this direction.

Thanks to Yaroslav the Wise, St. Sophia Cathedrals and the very first church monasteries began to appear on the territory of Russia. For all these merits, and also because of the personal respect of the creator for the deeds of the greatest prince of his time, Antokolsky portrayed him majestic and against the background of his most important achievements in history. All this can be observed on the high relief itself.

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