Description of the painting by Leon Bakst “Firebird”

Description of the painting by Leon Bakst “Firebird”

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The artist Leon Bakst became famous as a theatrical graphic artist. The premiere of the famous Russian ballet called “The Firebird” took place thanks to the close-knit work of art masters, including Bakst. He created costume designs for the main characters - for the female roles of the Firebird and the Princess.

The sketch of the Firebird was completed several. They date back to 1910. Sketches are completely different in costumes, but equally beautiful and consistent with the theme. The main colors of the stage image of the Firebird: orange, yellow, red. Illustrator worked not only the dress of his character, but also important additional elements of the image. These are shoes, a hat, jewelry.

Sketches for the Bakst ballet are written in the Art Nouveau style. The author acts both as an artist and as a designer with a rich imagination. The task was to create a unique character image of a Russian fairy tale. Making a costume of a fantastic animal for a person is doubly difficult, but that's more interesting. Bakst obtained valuable work, which was subsequently approved by the ballet management.

Sketches of Bakst are also paintings of great craftsmanship. Both children and adults can admire them. The Firebird reproduction can be placed in any room, and it will noticeably enliven the space.

In costumes "Firebird" traced oriental notes. Warm colors emphasize them. In general, the image turned out to be dynamic, fiery. The design on the heroine's head stands out especially. The high magnificent crest of the bird allows you to create a complete image. The bottom of the suit is made up of trousers and a mid-length skirt. The top is open and fitted. On the hands of the character are many bracelets. The hairstyle also plays a large role - two long golden braids. Bakst's “Firebird” is fabulously beautiful and expertly executed.

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