Description of the painting by Rembrandt “Portrait of a young man”

Description of the painting by Rembrandt “Portrait of a young man”

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The portrait of a young man painted by Rembrandt conveys the image of a young guy. The picture is painted in dark brown shades. Thanks to the unique technology of painting, the texture of the fabric is perfectly conveyed, to the smallest details, each fastener on the robe of the young man, each seam is registered.

A serious focused look was fixed somewhere in the distance, as if the softness of the young man's curly hair was conveyed, and a light scarlet blush was visible on his cheeks. The face is written using a unique technique, it seems to glow in a frame of dark shades of clothing and a headdress.

The painting of the famous artist was estimated at seven million pounds, although there was an assumption that the author of the painting was not Rembrandt, but one of his students. Many experts felt that the picture is too primitive for such a great artist. But at the same time, the picture is covered with a layer of varnish, there are various layers, because of which it is impossible to study the original strokes and make an accurate conclusion.

Researchers studying the work of Rembrandt have come to the conclusion that the artist’s work has changed significantly over the years. Studies of the entire Rembrandt heritage have been conducted.

After them, the list of works by the artist was significantly reduced. But in it teachers also began to see. The students wrote their work in his own style. For this reason, the portrait of a young man was called into question. To prove the authorship of Rembrandt, a study of wood, a painting technique using infrared and x-rays, was carried out.

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