Description of the monument to the crocodile in Izhevsk

Description of the monument to the crocodile in Izhevsk

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Our country is rich in fiction and various interesting sights. Here is a monument to a crocodile in the city of Izhevsk, a vivid confirmation of this. It was installed a little over ten years ago in 2005. The monument was supposed to appear as a gift to residents on the day of the city, but they could only be installed by the end of September.

This eccentric monument adorns the place in front of gymnasium number 24. Why, in general, does he “sit” there and why is the crocodile? The fact is that the city authorities gathered a meeting from various figures and organizations about the pedestal, which would become an ornament of their city, gave it fame. They wanted to decorate a faceless place.

It was decided to create the monument not as it was built before Tsereteli. It was supposed to be ironic, pleasant, in a modern style, like a monument with the letter "E" in the city of Ulyanovsk. A student came up with such a crocodile, Pavel Medvedev brought the plant and sculptures to life. As a result, we got such a crocodile, which really became a local attraction. Now the newlyweds come here for a wedding photo shoot.

According to one version, the plot was chosen for a reason. The figure of the crocodile was cast because allegedly at the beginning of the 20th century it was mentioned how a crocodile swam in the rivers of the city. Locals were even afraid of the "dragon." Whether this is true or not, now no longer find out, but the fact remains.

Now, locals do not have to be afraid of the crocodile, they are proud of its presence in their city. But the truth is that the serious faces of city streets sometimes look so boring, traditional and familiar. And with the presence of such interesting objects, life becomes brighter, because, passing by such a sculpture, I want to smile.

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