Description of the monument “Peter and Fevronia of Murom” in Murom

Description of the monument “Peter and Fevronia of Murom” in Murom

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Most monuments evoke different feelings in people. Indeed, many of them are created in order to convey a thought to a person.

Of particular importance for the history and cultural heritage of the country are those monuments that have a deep meaning in themselves, especially when it comes to religion. Monuments dedicated to the saints are located around the world, and thousands of people come to bow or just look at the saint.

In 2004, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II blessed the program for installing monuments to Peter and Fevronia of Murom. This was done in order to revive again the value of family, love, fidelity. So that our fellow countrymen take a fresh look at marriage, at children. Indeed, unfortunately, in recent decades, the institution of the family has practically ceased to mean anything.

Young people get married at first request, or because a child should appear, after which something does not suit them and the families break up. Unfortunately, the statistics of divorces in our country are scary. Young families do not even try to overcome difficulties, it is easier to go and file for divorce. Only a few truly relate and are sacred to the fact that now they are married and there are children who need to be protected.

Therefore, of course, such a good tradition as the formation of monuments to saints Peter and Fevronia nowadays becomes simply necessary. The first monuments began to appear since 2009. It is symbolic that the first of them was installed precisely in the city of Murom, but its construction began earlier than the program entered into force.

Today, monuments to Peter and Fevronia are erected in all cities of the country. Most often, they try to equate this event with the commemorative date of the Day of these Saints, celebrated in our country on July 8.

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