Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “Grandmother's Tales”

Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “Grandmother's Tales”

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The painting "Grandmother's Tales" is striking in its reliability, the veracity of the image.

The artist, a native of the village himself, like no one else knew and understood peasant life. Hard work, meager joys, infrequent rest, all this was part of his own destiny.

Each carried his own contribution - the men coped with hard, physical work, the women dragged the house on themselves, and they did not lag behind the men in work. There were plenty of worries for children - from an early age in nurses, in assistants, how much joy, and careless games, got? And when to play, if parents bent their backs in the dark.

Old men and old women, too, as they could have made life easier for the rest of the household - cooking food for which you need to bring water and firewood, but the forces are no longer ...

And it was joyful that grandmother's tales were dark evenings, with a splinter, when a difficult day was behind us, when peace and tranquility came.

In the center of the picture, the face of the old storyteller is highlighted with a bright spot. Her gaze is thoughtful, probably, she sees what she is folding up on.

Her hands were tiredly laid on an apron, she also had a hard day, but now a fairy tale is pouring, and the children believe in this fiction. She herself knows how rarely the birds of happiness flies in, which is why the gaze is extinct, and the whole look expresses humility and indifference, but the unblinking eyes of children do not let them shut up.

It seems that not only children are led away into the magical worlds by the old woman’s story. Here is a young woman, propping her cheek, listening with interest to the fairy tale. Mother feeding her baby became thoughtful. Perhaps she compares her life and that fabulous, which is never destined to materialize?

Even the young man, stopping at the door, lingered a moment. He does not believe in fairy tales, but ... What if there is something like that? And only the old man is busy with his business. He lived a lot, he knows that neither himself nor his family is waiting for anything magical.

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