Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “On the Balcony”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “On the Balcony”

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The painting On the balcony, belonging to the brush of the famous Russian painter Konstantin Andreyevich Somov, was painted in 1901. The canvas is painted with oil paints in the style of symbolism. At this time, the picture is part of the extensive collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The painting was painted in an interesting interior manner, which allows you to look at it as if from the outside, which, in fact, does the artist. In the foreground of the picture, the viewer sees an ordinary gray door, one half of which is open, and most of the second is occupied by a large window. This door, apparently, symbolizes the opening of new life paths, a window cut into the bright world of the future.

Indeed, the world that opens behind the door is beautiful. The viewer is presented with a clean and comfortable veranda of an ordinary rural house. Behind the door on the left side of the picture you can see the part of the dining table, on the right side of the canvas, half hidden by the door, you can see a man dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. He rests on the wall, behind himself, his arms crossed on his chest, his gaze fixed on the artist.

In the background of the painting is another door, this time wide open and inviting to the street, where the viewer sees a garden path buried in the rioting greenery of the garden. Just outside the doorway, you can see several weeds. The weather on the street is sunny and the balcony seems even brighter than the artist originally intended.

The painting depicted on the canvas is quite ordinary, there are no spiritual delights in it, it can be copied from any balcony of a villager. And yet, there is a certain charm in all this.

The canvas reminds the viewer of the warmth, summer, sunlight, calls to nature, to forests and fields, offers a break from the heavy city everyday life and just stands on the balcony next to this relaxed person.

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