Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Child with a Knout"

Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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Pierre Auguste Renoir painted his painting “A Child with a Knout” in 1885, at a time when he himself was already 44 years old. At this time, the artist was already an accomplished painter, his paintings were widely known, and everyone recognized the talent.

Interestingly, venerable artists either did not paint portraits of children at all, or their paintings showed reduced adults, without revealing the rich and peculiar world of the child.

Renoir wrote children in a completely different way. The children in his paintings live their own lives, children's emotions on children's faces, the curiosity and playfulness inherent in young eyes in his eyes, and the entire canvas does not torment consciousness with the mismatch of the written image and the real child.

This painting of Renoir depicts a full-length portrait of a child. It can be seen that the baby from a wealthy family is neat shoes tied with a bow, knee-high socks, light clothes that do not constrain movements. But the main thing in the portrait, of course, is not this.

The artist especially highlighted the face of the child, writing it in contrasting reality compared to the clothes themselves and the surrounding nature - they are painted with light, careless strokes.

Contemplating a picture, one gets the feeling that a small person is waiting for a question or appeal. He was busy with his important affairs - he played with a little knight, but stopped for a moment to find out what these obscure adults want from him. Of course, adults called him because of some nonsense, because they do not understand how busy the hero of the picture. That is why children's lips are so folded and the look is so intense.

Interestingly, there is no exact answer to the question - who is depicted, boy or girl. Long curls, a dress to the knees, dark boots - this is how both girls and boys of this age were dressed during the period of painting. However, each answer gives the picture its own shade of what they saw. If the picture is a girl, then this is a small, decisive ruler.

No wonder the whip in her hand, her hair is loose, and the whole pose, and even a clenched fist, speaks of confidence and determination. Such properties are characteristic of a boy. If this is a boy, then lace collars, a delicate dress, long curls look contrasted.

Renoir knew how to intrigue and charm admirers to his creations.

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