Description of the painting by Andrei Ryabushkin “Street of old Moscow”

Description of the painting by Andrei Ryabushkin “Street of old Moscow”

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From the first works performed at the School of Painting, the young artist Andrei Ryabushkin showed a sincere interest in everyday life and life in the Russian village. He connected all subsequent creative destiny with the development of this topic.

"Street of old Moscow" is one of his mature works. The painting written in 1890 shows us an excerpt from the life of Ancient Russia. The painter was interested in everything related to the history of Russia. He previously went on a trip to different corners of his homeland, in which he eagerly absorbed the preserved samples of past eras.

Ryabushkin studied architecture, made sketches of it, visited historical museums and joined the atmosphere of the Russian hinterland, in which the ancient national traditions remained unchanged.

The architectural structures are worked out in detail in the picture, no less attention is paid to people: their images, clothes.

Old Russia in the vision of Ryabushkin is colorful, united and spiritual. An Orthodox church with many beautiful towers and crosses on them is placed in the compositional center of the canvas. The church structure shines in reflection of the evening glow, and wooden houses are crowded at its foot.

A crowd of people in multi-colored national clothes - shirts and caftans, is scattered about their business. Old people peer peacefully into a bonfire lit in the middle of the street. Someone is having a lively conversation, attracting involuntary listeners passing by.

The sky above the street of old Moscow is serene and clear. The green treetops peering through the houses hint at springtime.

The Russian painter delightfully admires the life of ancient Russia, its colorfulness, simplicity and elegant decorativeness. He paintings "Street of Old Moscow" breathes warmth and comfort. It seems that the heat of the bonfire depicted on canvas reaches us, the audience. And then pride for the country's past, love for it and quiet nostalgia are kindled in the heart.

Composition By Picture of Harvest Plastov

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