Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Return from the War”

Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Return from the War”

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The author of many world-famous paintings, the Russian genius Ilya Repin, in 1877 created another masterpiece of genre painting. The work is entitled "Return from the War." On it, the viewer of the audience appears a multi-figure composition with deep social subtext.

The central figure is a young soldier, with a wide smile and enthusiasm, telling military tales to his surprised village listeners.

In the picture you can notice the ironic and even revealing attitude of the author to the behavior of the warriors. The guy returned to his native village with a slight wound: his forehead was bandaged, his right arm was tied to his neck. In the guise of a young man, self-satisfaction is noticeable, his relaxed cheeky posture makes his villagers shy.

Soldier tales upset women in the hut. Men react differently: a young man opened his mouth in surprise, mature and elderly men listen with interest. A stern-looking mustachioed man even lit a cigarette. One would like to become a participant in the shown scenes in order to hear the story so alarmed by everyone.

Repin painted everyday historical painting in the style of realism. Simple, uncleaned clothes of people reliably convey the state of the people in the postwar period. The decoration of the hut is modest and gloomy. But the bright emotions of joy and revival of the people gathered here distract attention from the inconspicuous situation, painting the atmosphere of the canvas with bright colors.

In the far corner, as if a woman in black robes was hiding. She is not attracted to what is happening in the house. A mother or someone's wife is heartbroken - she mourns the dead, those who have not returned like this joyful soldier.

The Russian painter again amazed at the skill of creating a genre scene where all the heroes have individual traits and are absorbed in various feelings.

"Return from the War" is in the metropolitan art museum of Estonia.

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