Description of the painting Vasily Polenov "River"

Description of the painting Vasily Polenov

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Polenov, who very often refers to water in his work, was no exception to this work, which presents the bank of the Oka River to the viewer. In general, this river very often inspired the master to create masterpieces.

At first glance, there is no harmony in the picture, but the artist presents the river in such a way that it makes you stop and at least take a closer look.

The picture illustrates a sunny and although it is quite controversial, it is most likely an autumn day, despite the fact that only a small patch of yellow grass hints at it, the artist loved autumn and the predominant number of his paintings were made at this time of year.

In any case, autumn has not yet entered into full rights, so the river meanders between still juicy, green trees and hills. Reflection of trees in the water is not immediately noticed, but is erased in memory forever.

In this work, the very meaning of autumn itself was changed, because the yellow colors have not yet captured everything around, but everything is going to this, and there is no stopping this, which is symbolized by a small patch of glade, which is already switching to the “autumn mode”.

But, this can not be noticed right away, because almost all the views are riveted to the river. The water in it is clean, because of which it reflects the tops of trees, clouds and the sky as a whole.

And again I want to note, despite the fact that the picture can even depict autumn even in fact, Polenov clearly makes it clear that it is still quite sunny and warm, so most likely, we can assume that we have “Indian Summer”.

The river stretches to the main part of the picture and you can even notice it in the background. Enough of admiring the river, you can not immediately notice how the beautiful mountains cover the horizon with overflows from pink with its shades to blue.

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