Description of the painting by Hubert Robert "Artists"

Description of the painting by Hubert Robert

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Robert is a famous 18th-century landscape painter from enlightened France. It so happened that having studied the basics of painting and sculpture at home, the young artist was sent to Rome. It was Italy that later became the main inspirer of the paintings of Hubert Robert.

The novice painter borrowed a lot from the Italian master Piranesi, who then worked in Rome. He absorbed the intricacies of the art of painting, watched a lot of the life of the city, made many sketches, useful on his return to France.

Robert writes the painting "Artists", taking as a basis the motive of admiration for the art of antiquity. Italy struck him with incredible contrasts: centuries-old columns and statues coexisted here with everyday life in a completely natural way. For example, street trading could be located on the background of carved snow-white columns of historical prescription.

"Artists" enthusiastically busy with work. Sitting on the ruins of ancient architectural structures, they contemplate all this wealth of the long-dead majestic world.

The era that gave birth to philosophers and mathematicians, the wisest thinkers in history, left this evidence of its once living prosperity. The wreckage of buildings, huge vases, partially destroyed or extant in the integrity of the sculpture speak of the greatness of human thought, imagination and craftsmanship.

Hubert Robert, as a genre landscape painter, wrote a composition against the background of nature. The sky is obscured by calm clouds; Trees, hillocks and grass fill empty areas of the canvas.

The approximate year of the creation of the masterpiece is 1796. An interesting fact is that the author of the canvas and his best Roman mentor, Piranesi, were chosen as sitters for two artists.

The State Hermitage Museum reliably protects the work of the ruin painter, so that all comers at all times can admire the enormous cultural heritage left by ancient Rome to the world.

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