Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Portrait of Chaliapin”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Portrait of Chaliapin”

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Well acquainted with impressionist Paris, Konstantin Korovin painted in this style in 1911 a large portrait of the artist Chaliapin.

The figure of a musical figure appears to the audience sitting on a low armchair. A lot of attention was paid by the artist of household painting. A man is surrounded by a French terrace.

In front of him is a table, about which Chaliapin leaned on the right side of his body. On a shining white tablecloth are grouped a vase with a bright fresh bouquet of roses in lush greenery, an exquisite glass saucer with assorted fruits, a beautiful decanter, a large bottle of wine and a glass of red wine.

Fedor Ivanovich is dressed in a light suit. He laid his foot cross-footed at ease. The gaze of the wonderful artist is fixed on the open window, from where the green bushes of the sunlit plant are visible. A radiant smile illuminates the face of the musician. Clear eyes are open towards the world beyond the law.

Later, evaluating the exposed portrait of himself, Chaliapin recalls how he tried to keep this charming, artistic smile, posing Korovin in the process of work.

The purpose of the portrait is to convey the internal, mental state in conjunction with the external form of man. On the canvas with Fedor Ivanovich all details of the character are cut off and only pure emotion is revealed to us - joy. Unusually and brilliantly solved the problem of the Russian painter.

The musician in the work of Korovin looks young, full of vitality, courageous and stately. A bluish silk bow betrays his artistic nature.

A happy facial expression is generated by the morning freshness of the new day. It seems that the sun was reflected in the face of a man sitting on the veranda, giving him warmth and vivacity.

The technique of portraiture is beyond praise. Impressionism is manifested in the dynamic strokes of oil paint, in the well-caught instant of the bright life of a remarkable artist, whom the artist Korovin admired so much.

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