Description of the painting by Jacek Yerk “Erosion”

Description of the painting by Jacek Yerk “Erosion”

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Y. Yerka worked in the style of neosurrealism, his works are unusual, reveal a new view of reality and often combine several realities into one picture.

Contemplating the list of paintings by this artist, you can understand and, in more detail, realize the meaning of his work. The painter creates entire universes, but still so understandable to the contemplator. His paintings are unusual, although they are filled with a share of reality.

The work "Erosion" conveys a deep philosophical meaning, contemplating this work, everyone will find their own idea, but it is simply impossible to remain indifferent to this work. The painter depicted life as it is. This is a lot of roads with a crossroads, endless intersections. Roads going to infinity.

On the path of life you can find a refuge, but at what point to stop, only the walker decides. The road can intersect with the road of another person walking, you can go further along the path of life and not one.

The artist showed that everyone can choose their own turn. But to be happy, you just have to look around, the trees along the road symbolize life. Many houses indicate that many have stopped. They chose life without a difficult and long journey.

The name of the picture speaks of destruction. Each of us will choose what destroys him, or maybe, after going this long way, someone destroys someone? Perhaps erosion itself looks just like that and is an endless intersection of vital arteries leading to infinity.

There is a movement, upon contemplation there is an interest in learning what is beyond the horizon, far away. But is it worth it to spend so much effort to overcome this segment of the path? Everyone will decide for himself. To understand the true semantic loads of this work, you need to look through this entire cycle of paintings by the artist.

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