Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Varangians"

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov

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The great Russian painter painted this picture in 1909. This painter wrote his works on the themes of Russian history, epics and fairy tales. He fantasized mainly from the images of Russian folklore. The work is done in oil on canvas.

In the foreground are the Varangians who sailed on their ship, formerly called rooks. The Old Russian inhabitants of Scandinavia are Varangians who meant warriors who are in the service of the Byzantine rulers.

In The Tale of Bygone Years, the chronicler begins the history of Russia precisely with reference to the Varangians. It can be seen in the picture that the Vikings came to fight in Russia, they served with the Russian princes, helping them in military campaigns, they were also employed by merchants, guarding their goods. The Vikings in the picture are depicted in powerful shiny armor, chain mail, in their hands they are holding shields with the arms of Normandy, spears and swords.

Most likely, Rurik, the Varangian leader who became the ancestor of the first tsarist dynasty in Russia, is ahead. The artist described their faces, proudly raised up, it is clear that these people are not afraid of the severity of hostilities, they participate in negotiations with dignity.

They are met by Russian people. Ahead stands a tall, stately old man with a large gray beard, as a sign of greeting he reaches forward his hand, thereby inviting them to negotiations. He has rich clothes, most likely this is the prince, who called on the Vikings to help in the hostilities. Next to him is a young Sagittarius, which is directly related to the extraction of expensive furs, he has the skin of a wild boar on his shoulder. Next to the prince is a people who have come to meet hired warriors.

The clothes show that these are not ordinary peasants, but honored and close people to the prince. Behind the prince is a lad who was called to study so that they would observe the negotiations. Ahead of the Russians lies a negotiated price: furs, pottery, horns used to make sounds during the battle. In his painting, Vasnetsov wrote a historical move in Russia.

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