Description of the painting Jacob Jordaens "The Bean King"

Description of the painting Jacob Jordaens

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Baroque artist Jacob Jordaens during his lifetime became a very sought-after art master. He was remarkable for his amazing creative capacity for work - more than 700 paintings remained in the heritage of world culture. Life in Flemish enjoyed the constant interest of the painter, especially the moments of celebration among ordinary people.

"The Bean King" 1638 - a picture with an amazing background. The local population has a tradition - to celebrate a religious holiday in a special way. On the eve of January 6, magnificent feasts were gathered here, on which the king's place of honor was played by lottery. The king could choose the queen among those present and appoint the rest of the retinue: various ministers and the jester.

The main one was selected at the party with the help of a bean, which was put into the dough before dinner - and whoever got the cake with the coveted grain, he won. Bob was chosen for a reason: he symbolized the guiding star of Bethlehem, which led the Magi to Christ. Such a tradition amused and amused ordinary people, but at the same time relieved tension in relation to representatives of the authorities.

Jordaens writes the moment when the guests are already tipsy and in the rhythm of a single mood indulge in selfless fun. At the center of the composition is the selected bean king. He is surrounded by faithful “subjects”: women and men of different ages. A feature of such paintings is the constant presence in the field of view of children and animals.

Here is the unity and community of the people: a very elderly lady in the background smiles with restraint approvingly; the musician beside her was forgotten in a drunken drowsiness; the sitting mother with the baby completely forgot about the child who has been knocked over in her lap; left, a middle-aged woman, as if not noticing, gives wine to her little daughter. Meals and raised glasses complete the atmosphere of the picture.

In a free manner, the painter showed a warm and cheerful scene of the life of his compatriots.

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